Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A New Boy Arrives

I saw him on ebay for a very reasonable price and couldn't resist him. He has nice dark eyes which I love. He arrived with only his underwear and denim jeans and as boys clothes are rather scarce around here I had a job to find him anything.

His hair is a bit unruly so a cool DollyDoodles saggy beany is keeping it under control until I have time to give him a shampoo and set. His name is Julian, just because it seems to suit him, and I think he's happy to be here.


  1. Hello Julian, good to see you, hopefully we can meet some day, from Henry.

    He is lovely Mikki, a very handsome boy indeed.

  2. Love his fleece gilet Mikki!
    Welcome Julian!

  3. Hi Mikki,
    Julian is gorgeous and looks warm and cosy now!!
    Congratulations on his arrival,
    Susan xx

  4. Julian is lovely, I'm a big fan of those really dark brown eyes, his outfit is great, perfect for outdoors this time of year.
    Cathy x

  5. I do have a soft spot for the dark haired Gregor's and Julian looks gorgeous.
    His outfit is great , love the woollen jumper with the gilet,jeans and boots and the beenie just finishes it off.

  6. What a lovely photo! He looks really well wrapped up for a windy day walking along the beach. I love his gilet and Judith's saggy beanie just caps it all off. It is so nice that more things are now available for the boys, many thanks to Judith and welcome to Julian!

    Jill x