Monday, 23 April 2012

Caleb and Suzanna get new clothes today

Yay! More new clothes in the post today, this time from our lovely Lorraine (Sewing and Knitting for Sasha). Caleb is thrilled with his funky New Zealander duds and Suzanna was very happy to be given the pretty summer dress. It was too windy to go outside so I was trying to find a decent spot in the house. The windowsill above was a little too shady for Caleb so we moved to another one...

where Suzanna looks like she's turned into Alice down the rabbit hole and has started growing! How did that happen?

That's a bit better - anyway, you can see how pleased they are with their gorgeous new things - thank you so much Lorraine

p.s. I came to do this new post and was confronted with CHANGES! Arrgghh!! I hate changes. So, I'm in the html bit as I can't figure out what's going on in the Compose bit. This is by way of excuse in case when I hit Publish it's all a big mess :-)

p.p.s Where did the tags bit go?

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A New Boy Arrives

I saw him on ebay for a very reasonable price and couldn't resist him. He has nice dark eyes which I love. He arrived with only his underwear and denim jeans and as boys clothes are rather scarce around here I had a job to find him anything.

His hair is a bit unruly so a cool DollyDoodles saggy beany is keeping it under control until I have time to give him a shampoo and set. His name is Julian, just because it seems to suit him, and I think he's happy to be here.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

An Exciting Post Day

There's nothing that lifts the spirits like seeing that distinctive purple packaging peeking out of the postbox - it means goodies from DollyDoodles have arrived - YAY!

Cody and Sadie both got adorable new outfits, so at least there was no sulking. Here we are in my Mum's lovely garden this afternoon.

The Irish weather was doing its four seasons in one day trick, so we went from cloudy and dull, to bright sunshine to rain, and round again, so please excuse the varied lighting in these photos

So, two very lucky babes, and that's not all ....

Also in the postbox was this lovely Sasha Wardrobe blue sleeveless dress (thank you Dee!) which suits Alison so well. And for Andrea a sweet dress from Jadzia (skibniewska_1960 on Ebay) which she is wearing with JJ sandals that go perfectly with it. We're all feeling very lucky today

After we'd finished the photo session, Mum and I had a cuppa and she started teaching me how to knit with different colours, weaving the yarn across at the back - I think I'm getting the hang of it :-) A good day indeed

Monday, 9 April 2012

More Nostalgia

I'm still sorting through my box of Sasha photos and paper items and found two pages taken from old Hamley's catalogues. The one above is from 1984 and the one below from 1985.

Just look at those prices! Now where's my time machine, I'll stop by there on my way to the mid sixties :-)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Memories

When my eldest daughter was a little girl (she's 29 now) she was my Sasha pal. I came across a couple of photos she took so thought my friends here might like to see them. In the one above, it was clearly Heather's birthday party :-) From left the dolls were James, Andrea, Natalie, Sam, Heather, Alberto and you can just see Elizabeth's hair. The only one still here is Andrea.

Andrea and Heather doing a spot of busking. Andrea's Tiered Yoke Dress was made for me by Evalyn Stiles and the pattern was in Friends of Sasha Vol 6 Number 3 Fall 1994

My daughter and I had many happy hours sewing together and here are some of the things she made, some all by herself and some with a little help

As you can see she was very fond of this skirt pattern, and every Sasha had to have a matching school skirt :-)

Happy times :-)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Very Special Girl Arrives

Look who came to join my Sasha family - Sabina is a Shelly Repaint and I saw her on Shelly's blog on Sunday evening and was entranced by her. I've admired Shelly's work for a long time so am thrilled to have this unique and exquisite girl for my very own.

She hopped over the Irish Sea very quickly, arriving yesterday, much to my delight. So today I had the fun of a wig trying on session:

1. This is the wig she arrived with.

2. Jpopdolls synthetic mohair, sorry I can't remember the name of the style

3. Tinybear mohair

4. Dollmore mohair

5. Jpopdolls Kana Long, Autumn Moon

6. Jpopdolls Kana Long, Saesha

Which do you like the best?