Monday 14 May 2018

Baby Sadie is having fun playing Sylvanian Families

Her pretty floral romper was made by A Passion for Sasha

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Comments are GO (hopefully)

 Cody:  None of Mum's friends said anything about my cosy new outfit!

Chrissie:  Oh Cody, don't sulk, it wasn't their fault.  Mum had changed the settings on the blog to keep the horrid spammers out, but she didn't get it quite right.

 Chrissie:  Mum says thank you to Auntie Susan and Auntie Dee for telling her.  She thinks she's fixed it now, fingers crossed.

Chrissie:  I really hope so, because we Sashas do love to be admired.

Sunday 10 November 2013

Cody gets Cosy

Cody:  MUM!!!  You haven't paid any attention to me for AGES!!!  This outfit you bought me from Ruth is lovely but it's cold now and I'm FREEZING!!!

Me:  Oh dear, I'm sorry Cody, I'll do better from now on.  And wait until you see what I've bought for you from hagnolly on ebay

Cody:  Oooh, thank you Mum, this is lovely and cosy

Me:  You're welcome Pet, and you look very snug now

Friday 24 August 2012

More Festival Purchases

I chose Susanna to be the first to model this outfit, and the delicate lilac colour does suit her very well.  The skirt and jacket set were on Ruth's table, but made by The Doll Carriage - Denise Ortakales. 

Then I needed a blouse to team up with it, and found this sweet embroidered one on The Doll Works table.

I really should find another good photographing spot, you'll all be getting bored of this one :-)

Thursday 23 August 2012

Oh No!.............She's Gorgeous!!

My Auntie Jenny has kindly offered to make some Sasha clothing for me, and I thought it would be a good idea for her to have a Sasha doll as a model, so I was pleased to buy a nice blonde girl on Shelly's website for a very reasonable price.

She arrived yesterday and as soon as I unwrapped her I wailed the words in the title of this post. 

How can I send her away?! 

She arrived wearing this outfit, which is a fine corduroy dress and matching knicks by A Passion for Sasha.

She has a re-rooted fringe, which has been done very well.  She has a few nicks and marks, but nothing terribly noticeable. 

I thought I was safe as I already had a blonde girl, Alison, seen here on the right, but this new darling has quite won my heart.

She looks even more delightful in my treasured Vintage-Sasha outfit.  So I think my search for a dressmaking model will have to continue and this little lady won't be going anywhere.  And her name, of course, is Jenny

Monday 20 August 2012

Festival Purchases

It's lovely to unpack the purchases, especially when you've forgotten what you've bought - lots of nice surprises :-)  The only annoying thing is, in some cases, not being able to remember who they were purchased from.  I wish I'd written it down whilst I was there, but I was too busy having fun!

So yesterday I dressed Alison in this darling embroidered cardigan which I think I bought from Ruth, shoes from Lisa and cute stripey tights from The Doll Works.  I had absolutely no skirts which would suit though so decided to quickly make one.  I say quickly, and the sewing part was pretty fast, but beforehand it took me about three hours to find everything I needed and clear the dining table!

Just found this photo I must share - my three girls enjoying the day at Dawn's house.  Chrissie, my Festival purchase, on the left.   Suzanna wearing a classic yoke dress I think I bought from Ruth, and Andrea wearing a purchase from The Doll Works