Sunday, 9 May 2010

Caleb arrives to join our Sasha family

He arrived on Tuesday and didn't have a thing to wear! He was on Shelly's website dressed as a girl, and whilst he did make a beautiful girl, there is most definately a shortage of guys in my Sasha household, so we have restored his male identity.
I managed to find something to kit him out in, which will put him on for a while. He is from 1972 and has beautiful eyes and very short tightly curled hair. He's wonderful and the Sasha girls and I are crazy about him.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Sadie is a Trendon Baby Girl White Bird from the 1970's. She has the raised eyelids of the earlier babies. Her arm elastic is brown and her leg elastic is white.


Alison is a Trendon Blonde Gingham and I would think she's from 1971/72. Her arm elastic is white and her leg elastic is brown.


Andrea is a Trendon Brunette Gingham and I would think she's from 1969. She has white elastic with pale blue stripes in her arms and legs. Luckily her hair is not falling, and it's beautifully soft and silky.


Suzanna is an early Trendon Sasha Dungarees with no philtrum. I love her sweet wistful expression and soft, beautifully painted eyes.