Monday, 23 April 2012

Caleb and Suzanna get new clothes today

Yay! More new clothes in the post today, this time from our lovely Lorraine (Sewing and Knitting for Sasha). Caleb is thrilled with his funky New Zealander duds and Suzanna was very happy to be given the pretty summer dress. It was too windy to go outside so I was trying to find a decent spot in the house. The windowsill above was a little too shady for Caleb so we moved to another one...

where Suzanna looks like she's turned into Alice down the rabbit hole and has started growing! How did that happen?

That's a bit better - anyway, you can see how pleased they are with their gorgeous new things - thank you so much Lorraine

p.s. I came to do this new post and was confronted with CHANGES! Arrgghh!! I hate changes. So, I'm in the html bit as I can't figure out what's going on in the Compose bit. This is by way of excuse in case when I hit Publish it's all a big mess :-)

p.p.s Where did the tags bit go?


  1. They look lovely in their new clothes.

    I too hate the changes!! why do they have to change things just when you have got comfortable with them! I spent ages working out how to find things on my blog when it happened a couple of days ago...

  2. oooh mikki your caleb has got rather lovely eyes !........yes the changes hit me too tonight and i found it all SO annoying !!!!!!! i cant seem to put a gap inbetween my photos anymore unless i write something inbetween but i dont want to write anything i just want to show the photos.....why do they have to change things that were perfectly ok as they were !.......rant over (lol).....sarah x

  3. Mine changed on 1st April...I thought it was an April Fools joke at first! I've got used to it now. The tags bit is on the right hand side of the publishing section.

  4. Lovely photos, your Caleb is very handsome :) Cathy x

  5. Just adore BOTH of these dolls.
    Sasha love from Kendal.