Wednesday, 11 April 2012

An Exciting Post Day

There's nothing that lifts the spirits like seeing that distinctive purple packaging peeking out of the postbox - it means goodies from DollyDoodles have arrived - YAY!

Cody and Sadie both got adorable new outfits, so at least there was no sulking. Here we are in my Mum's lovely garden this afternoon.

The Irish weather was doing its four seasons in one day trick, so we went from cloudy and dull, to bright sunshine to rain, and round again, so please excuse the varied lighting in these photos

So, two very lucky babes, and that's not all ....

Also in the postbox was this lovely Sasha Wardrobe blue sleeveless dress (thank you Dee!) which suits Alison so well. And for Andrea a sweet dress from Jadzia (skibniewska_1960 on Ebay) which she is wearing with JJ sandals that go perfectly with it. We're all feeling very lucky today

After we'd finished the photo session, Mum and I had a cuppa and she started teaching me how to knit with different colours, weaving the yarn across at the back - I think I'm getting the hang of it :-) A good day indeed


  1. Haa Sasha parcels what a delight.
    The babies look great in their dollydoodles outfits and the dresses look so nice on the girls.
    Looks like you did get a bit of sun and some knitting practice a lovely day indeed.

    1. Thanks Dee, it was a bumper day for nice parcels and Mum and I had fun - I think she's getting quite fond of the Sashas :-)

  2. There really is nothing better than Sasha parcels arriving in the post! Gorgeous dollydoodles outfits for the babies, love the little boat too.
    The girls look so pretty in their dresses.
    Cathy x

    1. Hi Cathy, Yes Sasha parcels are the best thing possible that Postie can bring.

  3. Oh I definitely agree! Those Dollydoodle purple (AND the pink packages with even MORE inside them) can be spotted a long way off in the postman's pile and you just know that your in for some pure delight followed by some exciting Sasha trying-on play. Two gorgeous little baby outfits indeed on two sweet little tots. Lovely boat and bunny to finish the themes.
    Pleased to see that two of the big kids had new dresses too and are looking very smart and ready for the Spring's warmer weather and sunshine.
    Sasha love and thanks for sharing these super photos, from Kendal.

  4. Hi Kendal, Ooh I didn't know about bumper sized PINK packages - now that's something to aspire to :-)
    Sasha love to you too xxx

  5. mikki.....apologies for the "pppp" post above, i was just testing it was going to work before i wrote anything as i cant seem to leave comments on any blogs tonight !.....your girls look lovely in their summery dresses and i like the look of your garden too .....sarah x

  6. Hi Mikki
    Lovely to see your babies in their new outfits, they look gorgeous and the girls dresses are fabulous.
    I have a matching set for my 2 babies Ben and Aimee, I hqve a photo of them but I have no idea how to send it to you! What would we do without Judith's lovely outfits.

    Jill x