Saturday, 18 August 2012

After the Festival.....

and the wonderful day at Dawn's house, my adventures continued as I didn't go straight home. I'd travelled over to the Festival in my MPV, and then took it to Nottinghamshire where it was booked in to be converted into a campervan!

I left it there and travelled by train to stay with my family in Lancashire whilst the work was being done. When it was ready I worked my way back through England, Wales and across to Ireland.

Now here are Julian and Chrissie to show you round my lovely new camper conversion.

Julian is looking very pleased with the outfit I brought home from the Festival for him, and he was also delighted to meet Chrissie, who was an impulse buy from Marie Morgan's sale table.  She was labelled as having falling hair, but I didn't care, I just fell for her beautiful face.  I got the adorable check smock from Ruth's sale table, and was delighted as I've wanted one of her dresses in that style for ages.

A couple more of Chrissie, just because I'm so delighted with her :-)


  1. Your van looks wonderful Mikki, so lovely to see it now having seen it before ;-) Chrissie looks really lovely in her new dress and is such a pretty girl. I do like Julian's outfit, although I hope he wasn't wearing that jumper today, unless it hasn't been as hot over your way today?!

    1. Thanks Lorraine, it is quite a transformation, isn't it!

      It was damp, grey and windy here at the weekend so he needed his jumper! Today was hot and sunny though - typical as soon as Monday and work comes.

  2. Lovely pictures of Chrissie who looks very good in her new ruth dress and Julian looks very snazzy in his new outfit.
    And what a great job they did with your MPV , I can see you and your Sasha's and Gregor's will be off on many adventure's which we look forward to hearing about on your blog.

    It was great meeting you at the festival but like everything , if only we'd all ahd more time to chat!
    Sasha hugs

    1. Thanks Dee. Yes I plan on taking them all with me on camping trips - we'll have a great time I'm sure.

      It was lovely to meet you too - we needed the Festival to last for a week really, didn't we, to spend enough time with everyone. Hugs to you too

  3. I was lucky enough to briefly meet Chrissie as you were on your way to Ruth Hartley's sales table as mine 'half' a sales table was the one before hers. (It was then that I was also made aware that there were other sales tables, including Marie Morgan's, which were outside this room.)
    These early brunette dolls with their brown eyes are some of my favourite of the Frido/Trendon dolls and such a pity that most suffer from the falling hair syndrome.
    Chrissie is a very pretty doll and looks delightful in her new dress.

    How wonderful that you have been able to have your vehicle converted into a Campervan... enabling plenty of exciting, extended overnight visits and adventures ahead.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Hi Kendal, I'm glad Chrissie and I met you just then, there were lots of lovely tables upstairs and you wouldn't have wanted to miss out on seeing those. Thanks for your kind words about Chrissie, and I agree, she has wonderful eyes - they are the reason I couldn't resist her.

      It is very exciting having the camper van and the Sashas and I are looking forward to some fun weekends ahead. Sasha love to you too