Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday Morning at the Festival

We enjoyed two fascinating talks with slideshows, here are a couple of photos of the shoe making one


  1. Oh Mikki! My DH is trying to figure out how to make me Sasha shoes just this week! Thank you for posting that wonderful picture! I wonder if I'll be able to request the handouts from that class later on. Thanks so much! Lauri

    1. What a lovely DH you have, he's a keeper!

  2. Learning how to make shoes and where to buy supplies is the number one thing I want to learn. And I wasn't there :(
    Thanks so much for posting, I really am enjoying your posts.

  3. Thanks Julie, the last couple of days were so hectic I didn't have time to post any more. Now on the road again and laptop on battery power which is fading fast. Will try and process some more pics in the next day or two