Thursday, 23 August 2012

Oh No!.............She's Gorgeous!!

My Auntie Jenny has kindly offered to make some Sasha clothing for me, and I thought it would be a good idea for her to have a Sasha doll as a model, so I was pleased to buy a nice blonde girl on Shelly's website for a very reasonable price.

She arrived yesterday and as soon as I unwrapped her I wailed the words in the title of this post. 

How can I send her away?! 

She arrived wearing this outfit, which is a fine corduroy dress and matching knicks by A Passion for Sasha.

She has a re-rooted fringe, which has been done very well.  She has a few nicks and marks, but nothing terribly noticeable. 

I thought I was safe as I already had a blonde girl, Alison, seen here on the right, but this new darling has quite won my heart.

She looks even more delightful in my treasured Vintage-Sasha outfit.  So I think my search for a dressmaking model will have to continue and this little lady won't be going anywhere.  And her name, of course, is Jenny


  1. I, like a few more Sasha collectors, will be kicking ourselves as how we could have missed buying such a beauty!
    I agree she definitely can't leave you now especially after having seen here her in amongst that fabulous scenery.
    Your search I'm afraid will have to continue and the dress making delayed.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. She is indeed gorgeous. She and Alison look like they will be the very best of friends. Besides, now you have the fun of again searching for a dress model.

  3. Have to agree with Kendal on this beauty, so wish I wasn't on a no spend diet! She is absolutely lovely! Good luck with your search :-)

  4. Thank you my dear friends, I knew I could count on your support for my weakness :-)

  5. Mikki
    I have found the only way NOT to keep a Sasha if you intend her for someone else, is to have the Sasha sent direct to them! That way you don't get to fall in love and have to keep her.
    She does have a lovely face and I would myself have had to keep her and search again, good luck!

  6. Are you still looking for a Sasha? I have one very similar looking for a home....

  7. Jenny is gorgeous, I agree you can't send her away when she looks so beautiful and your gorgeous Vintage Sasha dress is perfect for her! A lovely friend for Alison too :)
    Cathy x