Friday, 24 August 2012

More Festival Purchases

I chose Susanna to be the first to model this outfit, and the delicate lilac colour does suit her very well.  The skirt and jacket set were on Ruth's table, but made by The Doll Carriage - Denise Ortakales. 

Then I needed a blouse to team up with it, and found this sweet embroidered one on The Doll Works table.

I really should find another good photographing spot, you'll all be getting bored of this one :-)


  1. She looks lovely, I'm sure I went round those sale tables with my eyes shut!
    The colours are lovely and suit Susanna well and I think the photo looks great where it's taken.

  2. Very pretty colouring indeed and perfect for this doll's complexion and red hair and so suitable for these not so hot days that we seem to be having.
    I am wishing that I had such an ideal natural spot outside where I could take my photos instead of on my patio table with the usual background in the conservatory.... and all because I can no longer bend down.
    (If you should find another spot to shoot your photos please could you send this one over to me to use here?)
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. She looks gorgeous Mikki, suits her perfectly, well I think I must have gone around the sales tables with my eyes shut too because I didn't see anything like this! lol
    Its really lovely to see what goodies you got at the Festival and it was lovely to meet you, just sorry there wasn't more time to chat.
    hugs Cathy x

  4. Hi Mikki, don't know why I hadn't visited your blog before! I was clearly missing out! Gorgeous girls and this outfit is just great! Love your spot for taking pictures, too! I think we are all stuck when it comes to vary the background to our photos! xxx Karin