Saturday, 24 March 2012

Let's Play Doll's House

Alison and Suzanna have asked if they may play with one of my doll's houses this afternoon. They've promised to be very careful with it.

Suzanna: It's so sweet!
Alison: Can I open the front?

Alison: Ooh, look at the beds - the small one fits underneath the big one!
Suzanna: There's just one lonely little girl in here, I bet she's glad that we came to visit
Alison: What's this little room outside?
Me: That's the toilet - when Grandma was a little girl, the toilet was outside at her house.
Suzanna: It must have been cold in the winter
Alison: I'm glad we live now and not in the olden days


  1. I love the little old cottage style dolls house, the girls look to have had a super time playing with it.

    Cathy x

    1. Thank you Cathy. It is very sweet, isn't it - it's in 1/24th scale which works quite well for Sasha

  2. Hi Mikki

    Fabulous pictures of your girls and the doll's house. I have never seen one of that scale, as you say it is an absolutely perfect size for them. Many years ago when my daughter Claire was 2, I went to evening classes to learn now to build the 1/12 scale. I built several little cottages and also a replica of Charles Dicken's regency house which is now a museum in London which we gave to Claire on her 3rd birthday. However, Claire was never into dolls, only cars and so her doll's house was always filled with cars and she never showed any interest in the Sasha girl and baby that we bought her!

    Although on reflection I have Claire to thank for my later in life interest in Sasha dolls as It was when she decided to sell hers on eBay 4 years ago that I became hooked!

    Jill x