Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Beach Walk with Cody

Every day I take the dog for his walk to the beach and Cody came with us this morning. I made sure he was wrapped up warmly in the adorable coat from DollyDoodles that was part of my daughter's Christmas present to me. He insisted on bringing his chocolate Easter bunny with him.

Cody: Can I eat my bunny, can I?
Me: No Darling, you have to save him until Easter

Cody: OK *sigh*. Can I go for a paddle then? Pleeeease!
Me: I'm sorry Sweetheart, it's much too cold yet.
Cody: *pouty bottom lip* It's not FAIR!
Me: I know Pet


  1. Hello-I just wanted you to know how much I look forward to all of your posts. They are much appreciated and enjoyed.

    1. Thank you so much Julie, I'm glad you enjoy them.

  2. Another great post! I can hardly keep up with my replies to them all. The beaches and sea backgrounds here are just wonderful, makes my grey backcloth of late look really dismal and boring.
    Loving little Cody on his beach walk. He is certainly very warmly wrapped up in his cosy Dollydoodle joggers and double-looking layered top under his fur trimmed fleece coat. I have a very similar outfit in cream and beige along with a cream fur trimmed fleece coat that Susan so very kindly gave me for Christmas and I just adore it.
    I have also bought some of the tiny Lindt chocolate bunnies ready for my 'Sasha Brood' to eat over Easter.
    Sasha love from Kendal....who loved living by the sea whilst at boarding school in Llandudno and in Bexhill for the first two years of her marriage.

    1. Thank you very much Kendal, but I must take issue with you describing your own photos as dismal and boring - they are nothing of the sort - I love your wonderful photos and the backcloth gives a really crisp and clear finish. Not to mention your spectacular dolls and their clothing and accessories, your own photos are a pure delight for everyone who sees them.

      I'm glad you like little Cody and yes, well spotted, he has a DollyDoodles top and joggers underneath the coat. I'll look forward to seeing your Brood with their Easter bunnies too. Sasha love to you too.

  3. Hi Mikki

    Kendal told me about your blog and beautiful Sasha family. I so loved seeing your Sasha baby wrapped up warmly for his trip to the seaside. I couldn t help but smile at his eagerness to start munching his Easter bunny!

    I had to take a peak at your other Sashes and I was delighted to see that your beautiful dark haired Sasha is wearing one of my early smocked dresses. Kendal had thought it was one made by me. You have a lovely Sasha collection and I shall look forward to taking regularly peaks. Thank you Mikki and Kendal!
    Best wishes
    Jill (frocksandsocks)

    1. Hello Jill, how lovely to hear from you. I'm so glad you told me this, as I couldn't remember where I'd got that lovely smock from. It is so beautifully made, it's one of my favourites.