Friday, 4 November 2011


It's all about the boys at the moment. Now it's John's turn to get his time in the spotlight. Don't you just love his puddly blue eyes?

I've ordered him a gorgeous new outfit from DollyDoodles so he'll be sure to show that off when it arrives.


  1. He has got gorgeous eyes indeed!

  2. mikki, im liking your new blog and the jumper your knitting for thinking that a few of your dolls have come to live with me in the past ?.....(but i may have the wrong person !)....if i have got the right lady your little black baby is still a waif and i didnt transform her as planned, i repainted her eyes and put her hair in lots of bunches and thats as far as i got but she looks so sweet....looking forward to seeing more of your photos ...sarah x(vintage-sasha)

  3. Hi Sarah, Yes you're right and I remember you very well. I'd love to see the baby as far as you've got with her.

    You have some gorgeous outfits on your own blog, and one day I'm going to get one before they sell out :-)

    Thanks for saying Hi on here
    Michaela x

  4. He is a lovely boy..I am a sucker for puddle eyes.... :)