Monday, 7 November 2011


Alison is wearing a Sasha Festival 1998 outfit which was beautifully made by Mary K Workman. Her sweet bag was part of a BJD clothing swap I was in during the summer.

This morning I saw a post on Sasha_Mart Yahoo Group about the knitters forum Ravelry. I'd been meaning to join Ravelry for a while, so signed up and then joined the Sasha-Friends group on there.

I'm delighted to have discovered this, the group looks great fun and I love the format of a Forum Style group.

You need to sign up with Ravelry first and then you can join the Sasha-Friends group
Hope to see you there


  1. It does look good fun doesn't it. I have joined up as well ;-)

    Alison looks gorgeous in that stunning outfit!

  2. It looks brilliant, I'm very excited about it

    Thanks, I'm glad you like her. For some reason Alison usually gets the least attention so I'm trying to make it up to her :-)

  3. Alison has a beautiful innocent look about her..and she looks super in that dress!

  4. Lovely Girl and she looks so nice in her pink dress.

  5. Thanks very much SimplySasha and Dee, I'm glad you like her