Sunday, 9 May 2010

Caleb arrives to join our Sasha family

He arrived on Tuesday and didn't have a thing to wear! He was on Shelly's website dressed as a girl, and whilst he did make a beautiful girl, there is most definately a shortage of guys in my Sasha household, so we have restored his male identity.
I managed to find something to kit him out in, which will put him on for a while. He is from 1972 and has beautiful eyes and very short tightly curled hair. He's wonderful and the Sasha girls and I are crazy about him.


  1. He is adorable...I do love your Sasha doll family...thanks for sharing Caleb's picture...He looks loved!

  2. Thanks Nikita, I'm glad you like him, and the girls too. Love Mikki xxx

  3. That's fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing, it's inspiring! :)

  4. Thank very much Mandy for your nice comment